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FaZe Rug tests popular TikTok food hacks so you don’t have to

Published: 9/Feb/2020 22:56

by Eli Becht


After seeing an abundance of food “hacks” on TikTok, FaZe Clan’s Brian ‘Rug’ Awadis decided to try a few of them out for himself.

FaZe Rug is the organization’s biggest YouTuber, commanding a whopping 14 million subscribers, and he’s mostly done so just by creating entertaining videos that cover a variety of topics.

His upload on February 8 saw him testing all sorts of food hacks he learned from TikTok, and it’s pretty much a mixed bag of things that look like they’d be good combinations nobody would ever think of.

FaZe Rug, YouTube
FaZe Rug covers a wide topic of ideas in his videos.

For example, Chick-fil-A fries covered in ranch, buffalo, and BBQ sauce sound like they’d actually be good, and Rug would agree with that sentiment. However, we can’t imagine too many people would ever think to squirt a banana pepper into ketchup, and then sprinkling a packet of salt and pepper on top of it. As it turns out, that ended up being delicious as well.

At one point, he orders a McDonald’s ice cream cone and tries to make a sandwich out of it with a pair of cookies, only to have it fail miserably and become incredibly messy. Their dessert isn’t exactly comparable to the type you’d use in a normal ice cream sandwich, so it’s not surprising to see this one not work out great.

All in all, it looks like most of the hacks actually managed to enhance the food in some way, even covering a pickle with crushed Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. He does explain that this one is alright, but it’s not as good as the others he tried earlier in the video.

In today’s day and age where anything could go viral, it’s hard to know what to trust online.

FaZe Rug filming in front of the water slides.
YouTube: FaZe Rug
Rug is FaZe’s biggest content creator on YouTube.

We’ve all seen some suspect looking advice become popular on social media before, so it’s fair to question what you see from time to time.

Luckily, this time we had FaZe Rug to count on to test out the viral hacks himself and let us know what’s good and what isn’t.


David Dobrik responds to backlash after claiming he “hates nature”

Published: 27/Oct/2020 17:08

by Alice Hearing


After an onslaught of hateful comments, David Dobrik has responded to the backlash he faced for claiming that he “hates nature” on his Views podcast with Jason Nash.

As a huge YouTuber known for massive giveaways and wholesome content, Dobrik’s comments, if at all negative, can cause a stir among his fans. In the episode in question, Dobrik explains at length why he “hates nature,” and how outdoor activities really don’t do it for him.

“I cannot describe to you how much I f***ing hate nature,” Dobrik said. “I never knew I could be so angry at something. I was hiking in the mountains, and everybody I saw, I was just getting angry at. I was like, ‘Why are you here?’ I was so mad!”

“It feels so wrong because everybody loves nature,” he continued. “…what is so cool about something that’s been there… for millions of years! What is so cool about that? …it feels like everything I’ve worked for has been erased. I’m stuck with the dirt and the grass and the leaves.”

David Dobrik hates nature
YouTube: New Views Podcast Highlights
Angry commenters described Dobrik as “close-minded”

Angry commenters had a lot to say about his opinions on the world around him and on his attitude about something as mundane as nature.

“I don’t justify it, but now I understand the hate that you get for being so closed-minded and kind of a d**k to your friends or the planet,” one person wrote. “I know that you have done great things like charities and donations. But DUDE, grow up a bit, you live in a bubble.”

(Topic begins at 5:45)

But in the latest episode of Views with fellow YouTuber Jason Nash, they discussed the backlash Dobrik faced and read out Dexerto’s article on the subject.

Dobrik explained that fans misunderstood his intentions: “I said I didn’t like nature and by this, I didn’t mean that I don’t care about the ecosystem where I think you shouldn’t recycle and I think you should litter. It was like I just literally do not care for walks.”

“I wasn’t joking about the actual nature but I was kind of like you guys are gonna really hate me for this. I didn’t think people would actually get mad and people are pissed.”

Since the latest episode has aired, angry commenters are nowhere to be seen. It seems that the adamant defenders of nature walks have been appeased.