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FaZe Rug “scared” after fan shows up at his home

Published: 11/May/2020 22:04 Updated: 12/May/2020 17:22

by Virginia Glaze


Popular YouTuber and FaZe Clan member Brian “FaZe Rug” Awadis was left stunned after a fan showed up to his family home twice in a three-day span, leading the vlogger to make an urgent plea to his viewers.

While being a famous YouTuber might seem like a cake-walk, many top online entertainers suffer from serious breaches of personal privacy due to overenthusiastic fans — an issue FaZe Rug was unfortunately faced with in early May.

The FaZe content creator posted a Tweet on May 10 insinuating that he may have to move to another home, which he clarified with a series of videos shortly thereafter.

According to Awadis, a fan had shown up to his family home in California while he was playing basketball outside, asking if he could have a place to stay and claiming that his parents had kicked him out.

Noting that he felt uncomfortable with the situation, Rug politely declined, and threatened to call law enforcement after the fan attempted to guilt-trip him and refused to leave the property.

“We mentioned this a billion times, we really don’t appreciate when fans come to my house,” the YouTuber explained to his viewers. “We want you guys to respect our privacy. We definitely appreciate the ones that do.”

While the fan eventually left, he returned three days later, with Awadis claiming that the stranger was laying down on his back with his arms crossed on his driveway.

After being approached by Rug and his family, the stranger ran away, only to be detained by a security officer and later detained by law enforcement.

“He’s just like, ‘Yo, Rug, I thought you were nice, I thought you were gonna welcome me into your home, but I guessed wrong,’” Awadis continued. “And I’m like, dude, what?”

Rug later discovered that the fan had escaped from a mental institution in Virginia — meaning they had made a 37-hour trek to show up at the YouTuber’s house.

While Awadis expressed that he hoped the fan was doing well and “gets the help he needs,” he reiterated the importance of respecting one’s personal boundaries — a right that was breached in a serious way and frightened his entire family, in the process.


xQc explains why his 7-day Twitch ban was actually a good thing

Published: 25/Nov/2020 23:59

by Michael Gwilliam


Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel finally returned to streaming after receiving a massive seven-day ban for his role in a Fall Guys Twitch Rivals stream sniping controversy. However, according to the French Canadian, the ban was actually good for him.

xQc’s return to Twitch was met with some huge numbers, with over 100,000 viewers packed into his chat.

With such a massive audience, Lengyel explained how, while he expected to be criticized for his actions, he was shocked at how some folks didn’t want him to improve or get better.

“Seeing people not wanting you to move or not wanting you to go past the hurdles, it’s almost like they’re living through you,” he explained. “There’s a lot of them.”

xQc's Twitch viewers upon his return
xQc’s return stream was pulling in huge numbers.

According to the former Overwatch League pro, even after he apologized for his actions, some people were still attacking him for silly reasons.

“‘Oh no, not good enough of an apology, I hope you get perma-banned,’” he paraphrased of his haters. “I hope nobody gets perma-banned and there are people I really dislike in the content creator space, and I wouldn’t want them to get perma-banned.”

His reasoning for this is because he believes people can come back and do better. But he also addressed people claiming that Twitch was using him as an example.

“I don’t think bigger streamers get preferential treatment. And I think that was a good showcase of it,” he added. “I think, out of all the other instances, I think that was a good showcase of me not getting preferential treatment. If anything, I got the full juicer. Seven-day whole thing and I got clapped.”

Twitch has often been accused of giving some larger streamers better treatment than others on the platform, so this was a refreshing revelation from the Laval-born Lengyel.

“Even if, let’s say, I was being used as an example, and they put me out there as an example of doing a bad thing, that’s fine,” he continued. “That’s fine because when we come back, I can also be an example of doing better.”

Hopefully, xQc can make good on this challenge to himself and actually become better, just as suggested.