FaZe Rug reveals why he and girlfriend Kaelyn broke up after five years

FaZe Rug breaks up with girlfriend KaelynYouTube: FaZe Rug

YouTuber FaZe Rug and Kaelyn have revealed in an emotional video that they’ve broken up, and this time it’s not a prank.

Brian “FaZe Rug” Awadis is the director of FaZe clan and has a huge following on YouTube with 19 million subscribers, where he’s well-known for pranking his close friends and family, and sometimes even his viewers.

Brian first started dating Kaelyn back in 2016 before he rose to the level of online fame he has now, although they only made the relationship public on Valentine’s Day in 2020.

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FaZe Rug and ex-girlfriend KaeylnInstagram: FaZe Rug
Brian and Kaeyln began dating in 2016.

The pair have become hugely loved by their fanbase, frequently making videos together and even collaborating on pranks. Only in April, they fooled a huge crowd into thinking she had rejected his proposal to marry her.

Back in August 2020, fans thought the pair had broken up after Rug posted a video titled “She broke up with me…” in which Kaeyln went to go get surgery, and while she was heavily medicated, tried to break up with Rug before laughing that it was just a prank.

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But this time, Rug posted a video revealing that this time, they really had broken up. He began by saying that they’d originally filmed the video a month before because they wanted to see if any attraction to one another would come back: “we wanted to be 100% certain.”

They explained that the reason was that they didn’t feel the same way about each other anymore, clearing up that there were no arguments or cheating involved at all, and that they had spent a long time trying to make it work before making a decision.

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Kaelyn added that having a relationship in the public eye was far harder than she had anticipated: “having people criticize your every move is crazy, I never thought that would get to me.” Even working out how to reveal their break up to viewers was incredibly stressful, Brian said.

The pair confirmed that they would always be friends, confirming they would share their dog Lola with each other, and even teasing that Kaelyn might still appear in some of Brian’s future videos.

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