FaZe Rain opens up on Twitter, feels he ‘wasted’ his past year

FaZe Clan content creator and co-owner Nordan ‘Rain’ Shat has said that he’s wasted the last year of his life, but he’s determined to make the next 12 months awesome.

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Rain recently revealed his struggles with anxiety and depression in a YouTube video, detailing the effects of mental illness on his career. Now, in a post on Twitter, he has shared his honest opinions on the last year and his goals for the future.

“I’m not the type to have regrets really,” he said. “But I fucking wasted this last year of my life, and I’m really just gonna use that as motivation to make my life awesome.”

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Fans who follow him on YouTube might already be aware of his struggles with anxiety and depression. Rain detailed these struggles in a video he  posted back in July, where he stated that his money and success had no bearing on his anxiety, and that, while he was glad to have internet fame, it didn’t fix the root of the problem.

“It didn’t cure anything,” he admitted. “It didn’t fix all the actual problems I have in my head that I don’t even know why I have.”

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While he didn’t explain why he felt like the last year has been a waste, the detailed account of his battle with anxiety and depression in July’s video means that his followers have a better understanding of his plight.

Fellow members of the FaZe Clan showed their support beneath the Tweet, replying with encouraging messages to their teammate in a show of solidarity.


With over five million subscribers on YouTube, FaZe Rain is one of the most popular members of the gaming and entertainment-based organization. His openness about his struggle with mental health has reached a massive audience, and while he hasn’t uploaded too frequently as of late, his most recent tweet could point to a future in which he creates more content.

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