FaZe Rain calls Alinity a “stupid b*tch” amid cat throwing drama

FaZe Rain, YouTube / Alinity, Twitch

Controversial Twitch streamer ‘Alinity Divine’ is no stranger to scandal, having shown ample content during her past broadcasts – but a July 19 incident is stirring up outrage across the internet after she chucked her pet cat over her head, and one FaZe member isn’t pleased with the “catastrophe” one bit.

FaZe co-owner and content creator Nordan ‘FaZe Rain’ Shat uploaded a video discussing the incident on July 20, after noticing that Drama Alert host Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem had Tweeted about the scandal.

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Rain’s video, titled ‘TWITCH, PLEASE BAN HER’ slammed Alinity for throwing her pet over her head, as the animal seemed to have gotten in her way during a game of Apex Legends.

“Are you f*cking serious?” Rain challenged. “Over a video game? You’re gonna throw your cat behind your head? You’re just a dumb b*tch. Hopefully she doesn’t do that again.”

That wasn’t the end of Rain’s rant, by far: the YouTuber went on to criticize Alinity for feeding her cat Vodka in a previous stream, explaining that her actions were made all the more hurtful by the fact that his own cat had recently passed away.

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“She’s a stupid b*tch, which is true – you are a stupid b*tch,” he continued. “…I just lost my cat, and it’s like, you’re treating your cat like sh*t when there’s a thousand people out there who wish they could have their cat.”

Alinity isn’t coming under fire from just FaZe Rain, by far: the streamer has been met with widespread criticism from a slew of top personalities, with the likes of Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys speaking out on the matter, calling Alinity’s actions “messed up.”

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“…That’s messed up!” Anys said of the debacle. “Especially because you can’t see what’s around her. Like if I picked Mimi up, and I tossed her to the side here, she would land on my bed.”

Even the likes of animal rights organization PETA have voiced their opinion on the issue, pleading with Twitch to investigate the issue and remove Alinity from the platform, altogether.

Alinity has since spoken out on the scandal via Twitter, calling her cat-tossing catastrophe a “lapse in judgement” and claiming that she will continue to “improve” herself.

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Alinity has yet to receive a ban from Twitch as of the publication of this article.

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