FaZe Kalei impresses Seth Rogen with vulgar Pokemon anime voice acting skills

FaZe Kalei voice acting in pokemonPokemon/FaZe

Twitch streamer FaZe Kalei showed off her wild voice acting skills for the Pokemon anime and ended up impressing famous actor Seth Rogen, in the process.

Kalei is one of the top Warzone streamers and is well-known for her bawdy rants on social media where she often pushes the line with her vulgar innuendos.

On April 21, the FaZe superstar showed off her voice acting skills as if she were auditioning for the Pokemon anime, but added a touch of her own outlandish personality to the mix.

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The result was so good that it even managed to earn the attention of Seth Rogen – something the streamer was extremely proud of.

Kalei stuns Seth Rogen with Pokemon anime voice

In a clip on Twitter, Kalei activated her anime impression, opting for a higher-pitched version of her actual voice in order to, as she claimed, ‘build her voice actor portfolio.’

“I know that a lot of people want to catch them all, but my job is a much bigger challenge,” she began before referencing a gross task involving all of the pocket monsters.

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“I go to Reddit in order to achieve this massive goal,” she continued. “And when I finally do, I will become the Pokemon master.”

The clip spread like wildfire, amassing over 500,000 views and even managing to capture the attention of Seth Rogen who liked the clip, much to Kalei’s amazement.

“Holy sh*t, I made it,” she replied after someone alerted her that the comedic actor had interacted with the video.

It’s not clear if Kalei really wants to appear in an anime, but if she does, she won’t be the first streamer to lend their talents to voice acting. Notably, Corpse Husband landed a role in Funimation’s Tribe Nine while LilyPichu secured one in Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro.

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With Seth Rogen being a voice actor himself, having acted in animated films, maybe there’s even a chance the two can end up working together down the line – especially given the two’s seemingly similar taste in comedy.

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