FaZe Jarvis terrifies FaZe Rug with spray paint prank on $150k car

YouTube: FaZe Jarvis

 FaZe Clan is the home of some of the richest, flashiest influencers in the world, and Jarvis pranked fellow member Rug by pretending a fan had destroyed his $150,000 Mercedes-AMG.

As some of the biggest young names in Los Angeles, you could imagine the houses they’re living in and the cars they’re driving.

That said, being in FaZe Clan, pranks are just part of the gig. It’s something they’ve seen loads of success with, Rug especially — but he definitely didn’t see this one coming.

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When he turned up at the FaZe house to film a video with his crew, there was actually an even bigger video happening that Rug was completely unaware of.

FaZe Rug Mercedes G WagonInstagram: fazerug
Rug takes pride in his car collection, which has also featured the likes of a Lamborghini Huracan and Urus.

While taking part in a ‘Dunk Tank’ challenge, with different FaZe members going head-to-head to drop each other in a tank of cold water, Jarvis snuck off to get the ball rolling.

Taking two cans of fake spray paint, he coated Rug’s Mercedes-AMG G63 — which costs a minimum or around $150,000 brand new — with a Twitter handle for a fake ‘fan,’ some strange shapes and a hashtag #FaZe5, for the organization’s ongoing recruitment drive.

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To make it look more legitimate, he even spray painted FaZe Adapt’s car with similar messages and, as you could imagine, it didn’t inspire the kindest reactions from the affected.

After the fake ‘Dunk Tank’ video was done filming, Rug and his brother Brawadis went to leave and were clearly absolutely furious with what had happened.

Demanding to know where the security guard was, why the gate was left open and to see the security footage, the rest of the FaZe House members took Rug to see the footage but, upon turning the PC on, were met with one simple message: “It’s a prank!”

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You can immediately see Rug’s demeanor change, throwing his bag on the floor and falling onto the nearest bed with a wide, relieved grin on his face.

Luckily, the paint was quickly cleaned off and the G Wagon was back to normal — but we don’t want to imagine the cost if it hadn’t been temporary.