FaZe Clan’s H1ghSky1 makes surprise return to Twitter following ban

via Wired / FaZe Clan

Twitter following weeks of social media absence in the aftermath of Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney’s dispute with the world-renowned organization.

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The Tfue and FaZe controversy has been both a revealing and confusing saga in the annals of esports for many reasons. One of which saw rising Fortnite Battle royale pro H1ghSky1 purged from social medias when his Twitch, Twitter and Instagram were disabled seemingly because of his age.

People from all over were upset at H1ghSky1’s bans as the youngest FaZe member was seemingly ousted from almost every form of communication with his online audience.

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FaZe H1Ghsky1 YouTubeThe young Fortnite player and his fans were stunned when he was banned from his social media accounts.

In a highly anticipated June 24 tweet, H1ghSky1 revealed that he was back on Twitter somehow with a brief but jubilant message for those following his rising career.

“Twitter back + 1 MILLION ON YOUTUBE!” H1ghSky1 said. “Thank you guys so much!”

That marked his first tweet in over two weeks as it looks like the initial effects of the Tfue/FaZe debacle is starting to wane from H1ghSky1’s life, which is slowly seeing his socials being returned to him.

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Tfue had previously said he “feels bad” about H1ghSky1’s bans in the midst of his contract dispute with FaZe. In his lawsuit, Tfue had revealed that the 13-year-old prodigy that FaZe had signed was actually only 11 years old at the time.

H1ghSky1 later admitted to lying about his age to follow his dreams of making it big, since his real age was holding him back from pursuing his career.

H1ghSky1 hit back at Tfue with a diss track

Since being banned, H1ghSky1 had been streaming on YouTube while adhering to the streaming giant’s strict rules of minors streaming.

Although that let him get back to a small sense of normalcy, H1ghSky1 teamed up with YouTuber Logan Paul to put out a diss track aimed squarely at the former FaZe Clan star.

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Even though the video was a response to Tfue name-dropping him in his lawsuit, the young Forntinte pro made sure to let people know that the diss track was only in pure fun.

“I wanted to make something to lighten up the mood and make it funny,” H1ghSky1 said. “This is something I did for fun, it’s not to be taken too seriously.”

Fans will hope that H1ghSky1 regaining control of his Twitter account might finally be the start of this chaotic episode in his career coming to an end.