FaZe Blaze explains break up with Instagram model Carrington Durham

FaZe Blaze Carrington Durham break upInstagram: blazifyy

FaZe Clan member Lucas ‘Blaze’ Mosing has explained why he and Instagram model Carrington Durham have broken up in a heartbreaking video.

Blaze and Carrington first revealed they were an item in August 2019 and have frequently collaborated together in videos and TikToks, becoming a well-known couple among fans of both internet personalities.

However, while many thought their romance was out of this world, it turned out to be a little too good to be true, with Blaze revealing they were no longer together in a rare video on his YouTube Channel.

FaZe Blaze Carrington Durham break upInstagram: carringtondurham
Blaze and Carrington began dating in August 2019

Blaze said that the pair had been going through a rough patch, and recalled the day they broke up roughly a month ago: “She hit me with a text that basically said we needed to talk and I drove over to her house not really expecting to break up… but when I walked into her room I just saw her sobbing, like just uncontrollably crying.

“I walked in there and I saw that and the first thing that I said to her was ‘is it over baby, are we done with?’ and at that moment we both knew that it was over, it was done.”

He heartbreakingly described how sad he had been, adding, “when it first happened I was down astronomically. I’m talking fetal position crying in the shower three in the morning, down bad. I’d literally be hitting her up every single day like begging her to take me back and see if we can try and work things out.”


He candidly explained that at first they fell “hard and fast” for each other, and had enough time to put lots of effort into each other, but as time went on, Blaze needed to take a step back and focus on his own career, adding “it was mostly my fault.”

“It got to a point for her where she just needed to move forward with her life… I was not making her fully happy and living up to her expectations.”

Blaze pleaded with his viewers not to send any hate towards Carrington before going on to say that in the future he plans to move to Las Vegas with his friend Nick along with some other members of the FaZe Clan.

While this is some very sad news, Blaze still appears excited for the future, and hopefully both parties come out better for it.