FaZe Banks reveals reason behind break-up with Alissa Violet

Published: 6/Jul/2019 9:30 Updated: 6/Jul/2019 12:01

by Connor Bennett


FaZe Clan’s Ricky ‘Banks’ Banks has revealed their reason behind his break-up from Alissa Violet after the YouTube couple confirmed the news on Twitter. 

Banks and Alissa Violet have had a seemingly rocky relationship ever since the FaZe Clan member admitted to having a physical relationship with Tana Mongeau previously.

The YouTube couple even confirmed on June 28 that they had a ‘fight’ but it wasn’t over Banks’ time with Mongeau. Yet, despite that, it all came to a head on July 6 when the pair spilled the beans on their break-up – confirming what many fans already feared. 

Alissa Violet, InstagramThe pair had seemingly been split up longer than fans first thought.

After the news surfaced late in the day, Banks quickly moved to dispel any potential rumors once Alissa had tweeted “single violet thrives.” The FaZe Clan star quickly offered up the reason behind their split.

He responded: “Alissa and I decided about a month ago that we should take some time apart. Love that girl to death and always will. I’ll never say a bad word about her. This shits about as hard to deal with as it gets. Please respect our privacy through this,” with a broken heart emoji attached. 

He followed up to state that he will always have “love and support” for Violet.

“To clarify too, this wasn’t one sided by any means,” he added. “Just like everything else we’ve ever done, it was a team decision. Alissa is the most amazing soul I’ve ever come in contact with. She deserves love and support. She’ll continue to have mine forever.”

While support flooded in for the pair from their respective fan bases, Banks received some love from Fortnite star Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney – despite the pairs recent rocky relationship and very public falling out.

Neither Banks or Violet have commented on the break-up since their initial tweets and considering their requests for privacy, there might not be a tell-all YouTube video hitting sub boxes anytime soon.


xQc hits back at claims he only plays Rust for the viewers

Published: 16/Jan/2021 11:30

by Connor Bennett


Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel hit back at claims that the Rust phase on his stream is over, and that he only plays the multiplayer survival game for a hearty boost in viewers.

In the last few weeks, Twitch has been dominated by streamers either roleplaying or PVP’ing in Rust. The multiplayer game, which has been around since 2013, has even eclipsed 1.5 million total viewers at certain points, mainly in part thanks to the OfflineTV servers. 

Former Overwatch pro xQc has, alongside Shroud, dominated the viewer totals for Rust, and can regularly be found at the top of the charts whenever he is playing the Facepunch Studios title.

However, during his January 15 stream, the Luminosity Gaming streamer decided against playing Rust for the first time in a few days, leading some cynical fans to ask if the Rust phase on Twitch had come to an end. 

xQc has been at the heart of nearly every slice of Rust drama since December.
Twitch: xQc
xQc has been at the heart of nearly every slice of Rust drama since December.

When he was accused, himself of giving up on the Rust ‘hype’, seeing as he wasn’t playing, xQc quickly jibed back that, at the end of the day, he is a variety streamer and can play whatever he wants. 

“Rust hype is over? Nah, I’m just chilling dude,” xQc responded after a few messages joked about him coming to the end with the multiplayer survival game. 

“I’m just playing whatever game. I don’t know why you laugh that a phase would be over. Like, who cares about a phase or hype? I play games whenever they feel good to me and I’m enjoying them.”

He kicked things up a notch though a few moments later, pointing out that he was playing Rust before the game exploded on Twitch. “I played Rust, literally, like three days before the Rust phase even begun. I talked about making a server before any of this even happened,” xQc added.

“People said, oh you’re playing Rust for the viewers, and even when there was less before, I still played it, so then what? What’s your argument?”

It’s not like his last Rust stream came to a catastrophic end, and saw the Candian delete the game from his PC either. He simply jumped off in favor of playing Balloons Tower Defense to end the stream in a chill manner.

He’ll likely return to Rust whenever he is in the mood to do so, and not because some viewers are imploring him to jump back on the RP hype train.