FaZe Banks responds to assault allegations following Shane Dawson’s docuseries over Jake Paul

by Virginia Glaze


Shane Dawson’s docuseries over popular YouTuber Jake Paul discussed the truth of FaZe Banks’s alleged assault on former Team 10 assistant Meg Zelly back in 2017.


The assault was vehemently denied by Banks - and now he’s defending himself again, in response to further claims brought up by the documentary’s sixth episode.

Banks responded to a Tweet from a user defending the claims, which cited the bruise on Zelly’s neck as undeniable evidence.

“Dude, it didn't happen,” Banks responded. “There was physical evidence supporting my side in way of a full security tape that has me doing absolutely nothing Meg described. I didn't lay a fucking hand on that girl, and everyone knows it. Jake knows it, Meg (who they fired) knows it... get real.”


According to Team 10’s video explaining their side of the assault, Meg was clotheslined, put into a headlock, and even dragged by FaZe Banks inside of a nightclub.

Erika Costell, girlfriend to Jake Paul, appeared to confirm these allegations in the newest episode of Dawson's series, referencing a series of voicemails and texts she received from Zelly just after the event reportedly occurred. 



Dawson likewise confirmed that he had witnessed the messages in question. Costell then revealed that Zelly had filed a police report over the incident, and that she and Jake Paul both believed in the validity of her testimony.

It looks like the drama from last year won’t die down anytime soon, as Shane’s series seeks to take a deep dive into Jake’s past controversies - and there are still two episodes left to go.