Farting neighbors caught on doorbell cam makes TikToker go viral

TIkToker goes viral with farting neighborsTikTok: Kelley_Murray14

A woman on TikTok has gone viral after uploading videos from her doorbell camera revealing how much flatulence her apartment neighbors actually have.

With over a billion users on TikTok, there’s no telling what’s going to show up on your FYP as you scroll through each day.

From videos of people getting kicked off of airplanes to cooks spending $2,000 on a pizza, the possibilities are endless.

For Kelley Murray, however, her path to viral success on the platform involved doorbell camera footage of her neighbors farting.

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Neighbor’s flatulence fuels TikToker’s virality

In a series of videos, TikToker Kelley_Murray14 shared doorbell camera footage of her neighbors outside… and what they show has viewers laughing.

In the first video, one of Kelley’s neighbors stopped right outside of her door, braced herself on the wall, and let one rip. In true TikTok fashion, the video quickly went viral — amassing over three million views.

“When your neighbor doesn’t know you have a doorbell camera,” it reads.

She quickly uploaded a second video to the series, showing yet another gassy neighbor breaking wind outside of her apartment door.

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Viewers quickly flooded the comments on her videos with their thoughts about the smelly situation.

One user replied: “You are gonna walk out your door and right into Pinkeye.”

“Why did they all feel the need to let their fart dust out in front of your door is the question,” another user said.

A third user said: “That’s not just crop dusting, she tilled and planted.”

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