Fans worried after Dream claims he’s undergoing “major surgery”

dream-fans-worried-major-surgeryInstagram: dreamwastaken

Fans of popular Minecraft creator ‘Dream’ are left with questions as the influencer claimed he was possibly undergoing “major surgery” in a sudden social media post.

Dream is one of the net’s most widely-recognized personalities, boasting 31 million subscribers on YouTube and over 6 million followers on Twitch.

Dream is a hugely popular figure in the Minecraft community, but he’s also started to branch out into the music biz, most recently releasing his song ‘Everest’ alongside rapper Yung Gravy on July 28.

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However, the excitement fans had about his latest track was soon dampened by an alarming post he made on Twitter that very same day that’s leaving his viewers begging for answers.

dream-puts-on-mask-deletes-face-reveal-hateYouTube: Dream
Dream is a popular ‘faceless’ content creator.

Fans panic as Dream says he’s getting “major surgery”

On July 28, Dream penned a tweet saying, “Terrible timing for a major surgery.”

At the time of writing, Dream has yet to expound upon this statement on any of his social media accounts, leaving fans desperate for answers.

“Please, a crumb of information and context for your worried fans,” one user wrote in response.

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“Are you okay?” several more asked.

“Oh my god?” another replied. “Hope the surgery goes well and you’re okay.”

Thus far, we’re still in the dark regarding Dream’s latest post — but it’s clear that he feels the timing for the supposed operation is “terrible,” given that he’s just released a new song.

Dream has released several other songs in the past, such as ‘Mask’ and ‘Change My Clothes’ with Alec Benjamin, among others.

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Dream isn’t the only influencer to have sent social media into a frenzy following a sudden hospital visit; YouTube star Markiplier also caused his fans to panic after uploading a photo of himself in the hospital with blood red eyes in June (but luckily, he was alright).

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