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Fans worried after Corpse Husband reappears with “sad” update

Published: 28/Dec/2021 19:41

by Virginia Glaze


Popular YouTuber and music artist Corpse Husband is sparking concerns from his fans after appearing on a stream with another influencer and sounding a bit bummed out.

Corpse Husband is a hugely popular influencer who skyrocketed to internet stardom in 2020 amid the Among Us craze.

First starting out as a horror story narrator, Corpse has risen to prominence as a gaming streamer and a music artist, hitting major milestones on Spotify and garnering a huge audience of avid listeners due to his unique sound.

Corpse Husband can often be found in streams with a slew of other top influencers like Valkyrae and Sykkuno — but lately, the internet star has been AFK.


Corspe Husband logo on red background
YouTube: Vibez Check
Corpse Husband is a “faceless YouTuber,” meaning that he does not show his face in his content.

According to his Twitch page, Corpse Husband hasn’t streamed in four months. His main YouTube channel shows that he hasn’t uploaded in a month.

Although he has been active over on Twitter — interacting with his fellow broadcasters with humorous quips and congratulatory messages — his personal streams and videos have been few and far between.

Recently, however, Corpse appeared on a podcast with OfflineTV’s Brodin, where the streamer asked him about what he’d been doing during the holiday season.

Corpse Husband Twitch
Twitch: Corpse_Husband
Corpse Husband hasn’t streamed on Twitch in a while.

Corpse answered that he’s been playing a ton of flash games from the Newgrounds era, claiming that he loves “playing s**ttily-made games” — and while this might seem like a normal way to pass the time for most people, his fans are growing worried.


In the comments section of a clip taken from the stream and posted to YouTube, a slew of commenters spoke out regarding Corpse’s answer and demeanor, with some speculating that the YouTuber sounds depressed or “hungover.”

“He doesn’t sound ok at all, and that makes me really sad,” one commenter wrote. “I’m an addict, and he sounds like he’s either messed up or hungover. Y’all savage ppl are putting him through hell when he doesn’t deserve it. I hope he gets better.”

“Not too long ago he’s said he’s been in the studio 24/7,” another said. “Hope he gets better.”


Corpse Husband comments
YouTube: Offline Ace
Fans expressed concerns for Corpse Husband after the influencer appeared in a podcast with OfflineTV’s Brodin.

Corpse Husband fans concerned after “sad” podcast appearance

Although there’s no way to tell exactly how Corpse is feeling from a short clip, and these comments are only mere speculation, Corpse did mention in the podcast with Brodin that he’s been drinking “6 or 7 coffees a day.”

The streamer said that coffee impacts his voice with inflammation, possibly sparking this concern from fans.

(Topic begins at 19:52)

Whatever the case may be, it’s clear that his fans are sending him goodwill after not hearing from their favorite content creator in some time.

Corpse has not responded to these concerns at the time of writing.