Fans think Nessa Barrett is shading Josh Richards and Oliva Ponton

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Nessa Barrett InstagramInstagram: Nessa Barrett

Popular TikTokker Nessa Barrett has hit out at “selfish” and “shallow” influencers in a series of subtweets on Wednesday, September 9.

Nessa gained some notoriety for her original song “Pain” — although some critics accused her of copying the music video of singer Madison Beer’s own song, “Selfish.”

Nessa’s since-deleted Twitter rant was quickly screengrabbed and shared by drama accounts on Instagram, leading many fans to speculate who she could have been talking about.

Nessa Barrett InstagramInstagram: Nessa Barrett
Nessa recently hit out at paparazzi on Twitter for filming her crying

Nessa wrote: “If you post a picture of your body after every time you work out as a flex and a way to ‘show off’ literally nothing please stop. I literally cringe so hard. No one cares if you’ve worked out for 100 days. Not even your 10-year-old fans lol that sh**’s weird.

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“So many influencers go live or post just to brag and show off how rich they are while begging for I’m very riches and giving no attention to their supporters who got them to that point. It’s so sad to see how selfish and shallow people are. I’ve lost all faith in humanity”

She then apologized for her past, adding: “I’m so sorry for being a bad example in the past”, and followed with “I’ve matured so much these last 3 months please tell me you see growth.”

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This could have been referring to when Nessa herself came under fire for a controversial video where she danced to the audio of the Quran being read aloud in early April.

Some Instagram users believe the first tweets were referring to ex-boyfriend Josh Richards, with one commenting “She literally just described her boyfriend,” another user implied she was talking about a member of the hype house: “Olivia Ponton is typing…”

This comes after last week Nessa begged paparazzi to leave her alone following a video posted by The Hollywood Fix showing the TikTok star “breaking down crying” during a dinner with fellow influencer Josh Richards.

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