Fans slam David Dobrik’s VIEWS podcast for increasingly excluding Jason Nash

Fans upset at VIEWS David Dobrik Jason NashYouTube: VIEWS

YouTube star David Dobrik returned to content creation after nearly a year of inactivity with a fresh start to his VIEWS podcast — but fans are upset that a key member seems to be left out of the series more and more.

While Dobrik is best known for his high-energy vlogs, which he films alongside his friend group, the “Vlog Squad,” his podcast has been a constant throughout his year of inactivity amid the current health crisis.

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Usually, Dobrik records his podcast episodes with Vlog Squad member and fellow content creator Jason Nash, as well as his assistant and a few other guests who pop in from time to time.

While the podcast was once in audio-only format, Dobrik has since given it a serious upgrade, and is now filming episodes in a special souped-up studio right in his own home.

David Dobrik VIEWS podcast studioYouTube: David Dobrik Too
David Dobrik’s new VIEWS podcast studio is built into his new house, marking a huge change from the show’s previous audio-only format.

That’s not all; Dobrik has also invited on some A-list celebs, including the likes of Halsey, Dillon Francis and even Diplo — but fans are noticing that one key member of the VIEWS crew has been pushed to the side.

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As of late, viewers feel that Jason Nash has not been taking on his usual role as Dobrik’s sidekick, and is instead getting “pushed out” by the YouTuber’s constant guests.

The VIEWS podcast used to feature casual discussions between Dobrik, Jason, and co., who would joke around about their daily lives and occasionally delve into heavier topics. Now, the vlogging star has turned his production into a bit of a talk show — and fans aren’t here for the change.

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The comments section underneath the latest VIEWS episode is full of fans expressing their displeasure with this current arrangement, and are even taking issue with where Jason is sitting in the studio, as he is easily talked over by sitting away from the rest of the group.

“This podcast isn’t entertaining without Jason, and David’s laugh is like Jimmy Fallon’s,” one user wrote. “He is laughing so hard at something that isn’t that funny.”

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“This supposed to be a podcast between Jason and David,” another commented. “It’s turning into David’s talk show while Jason sits in the background. If David wanted a talk show, he should have made it separate from the podcast.”

Commenters aren't happy about VIEWS podcast JasonYouTube: VIEWS
Commenters were less than pleased with the latest episode of the VIEWS podcast.

David has yet to respond to these comments, as well as several other issues that have been brought up against him as of late. There’s no telling if he’ll switch up the show’s current format or not, but for now, it seems the consensus regarding his new project has not been positive.

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