Fans realize you can buy classic Pizza Hut cups after company goes viral on TikTok

Fans realize you can buy classic Pizza Hut cups after company goes viral on TikTokTikTok: cambromfg

TikTok users are taking a trip down memory lane after discovering Pizza Hut’s classic red cups are for sale as the company behind them goes viral.

Pizza Hut may be better known for its delicious hot meals, but TikTok users are obsessing over something else once found across all stores: the iconic red plastic Cambro cup.

Not only does it “sound so cool” when dropped on the ground, but fans swear the cup can make any drink taste better and “colder”… and there is the added bonus that the cups never seem to break.

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Luckily, now lovers of the Cambro cup can buy their own — the company behind the iconic red utensil taking to TikTok to offer some insight into their beloved product.

Responding to a TikTok questioning the secrets behind the cup, the company said, “The color wear tumblers date back to the early ‘80s. That ruby-red color not be missed, they were in many, many restaurants.”

“They’re made of a SAN plastic, which is very durable [and] very, very hard to break,” Cambro continued, revealing why the cups always remained unbroken even after multiple drops.

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And it turns out, there might actually be a scientific reason behind why so many claim the cups made their drinks taste better; “The material is also a little bit more insulated than typical plastic tumblers which make that cold drink just a little bit colder.”

Viewers were stoked to find out that the cups were still around and could in fact be bought straight from the company, Cambro.

One person wrote, “Hold on, on my way to replace all my Crate and Barrel kitchenware with Cambro cups. I want my shelves to look like a 1994 Pizza Hut baby.”

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Another admitted to a cheaper method of obtaining the cups; “As a server, we steal these cups and use them in our apartments so thank you.”

Cambro, however, didn’t seem to mind missing out on the extra income, replying, “Our lips are sealed.” Be sure to check out all the latest entertainment news on our page here.

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