Fans outraged after Boogie2988 “begs” for money following $100k Tesla purchase

Boogie2988, Twitch / raneko, Flikr

Controversial YouTuber and Twitch streamer Steven ‘Boogie2988’ Williams is known both for his popular videos as well as the multiple scandals surrounding his career as a content creator – one of which is stirring outrage amongst his fanbase, following his purchase of a $100,000 Tesla Model S.

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Boogie2988 went live in a broadcast in early July, where he explained the story behind his purchase of the Tesla, which he’d worriedly Tweeted about on June 28 after realizing he could “barely afford” the car.

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However, Boogie decided to use the Tesla as a confidence-builder, aiming to create better content to earn more revenue – but some fans weren’t happy with his Tweet on the subject.

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Some fans accused Boogie of “begging” for cash from his viewerbase, which he sarcastically confirmed, going on to deny having “begged” in light of his massive debt.

“The answer is yes,” he jokingly said of the scandal. “Give me some money. Also, no. I just realized when I got home, the car was fucking expensive.”

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Despite his explanation, critics continue to lash out at the YouTuber, with some angry commenters even doing the math to speculate what Boogie can and cannot afford.

“…he’s making at least $88k per year from Youtube alone,” one user wrote. “Sponsors appear to be the lion’s share, plus Twitch revenue, donos, and Patreon… I would guess, conservatively, $250k-300k per year. ..Guy can easily afford this car.”

Reddit users have compiled long lists of Boogie’s past statements and offenses, which one commenter whipped out during a heated argument over his alleged “begging” for money.[ad name=”article4″]

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“…’Don’t be jealous. You too can buy a new car if you can afford it,’” another quoted. “#HotTake. Yet more classic Boogie twisting the narrative to make it seem like critics are jealous, rather than highlighting his flip flopping contradictions.”

This would be far from the first time Boogie has faced mass criticism, with an older clip from his stream going viral in late June that showed the streamer making a racist comment toward a donator.

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In fact, the criticism against Boogie is so great that the YouTuber has even admitted to having suicidal thoughts due to the hate, as told in a series of Tweets on June 13.

Despite the backlash, Boogie is determined to ignore the hate and move forward, while critics are adding his latest stream to a long list of his previous offenses.

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