Shane Dawson fans accuse YouTuber of a “cash grab” after throwing out makeup

Image showing boxes of makeup and Shane DawsonYoutube: Shane Dawson, Ryland Adams

Popular YouTuber Shane Dawson has been criticized for donating large boxes of makeup to charity and accused of using makeup as a “cash grab” to generate views.  The accusations came after Dawson’s partner Ryland Adams posted a video on his YouTube channel that shows large boxes in Dawson’s house.

The vlog shows Dawson and Adams taking viewers around their house as they clear out cupboards and seek to tidy up. Towards the end of the video, Dawson, behind the camera, starts showing off his makeup collection.

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In the clip, he discusses how he still gets merchandise from fellow YouTuber and friend Jeffree Star and that makes up the bulk of his collection.

However, then the attention turns to one large bag and two full boxes. Dawson announces that these are going to charity and Adams estimates one box weighs “60 pounds” and the other “70-80 pounds.”

What did Shane Dawson say in the video?

Topic starts at 20:41

The video prompted fans to mock Dawson, claiming that the makeup donations were proof that the influencer’s foray into the makeup world was a pure attempt to make money. This eventually led to a joint makeup collection between Dawson and Star titled “The Conspiracy Collection.”

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The video comes after several months of Dawson teasing his return to social media and YouTube. Last year, his channel was lost thousands of subscribers amid a series of scandals.

The segment begins with Adams taking viewers into the “Beauty Room.” Here we can see Dawson pan the camera to a large rack of shelves with dozens of makeup products on them.

Dawson then shows them off saying “these are all my Jeffrees,” referring products produced by his friend Jeffree Star. Dawson then shows the large boxes of makeup that he plans to donate when Adam attempts to lift them up.

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What did fans say about Dawson?

The reaction from fans was certainly mixed. Some were quick to criticize the YouTuber. Some asked why he hadn’t donated the makeup before.

Others felt it revealed Dawson’s interest in makeup was only for monetary gain.

However, there were plenty of others who didn’t see any issue with the amount of makeup Dawson was donating.

Some thought it was a really nice idea that Dawson had decide to donate all of his makeup.

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Another criticized former fans for getting angry about the donations

And last but not least, one Twitter user hoped to nab a few pallets from the makeup pile