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Fans donate thousands to charity to get Pokemon speedrunner to pet Eevee

Published: 29/Jun/2019 20:26

by Eli Becht


Fans shelled out money for charity all in an effort to get Pokemon speedrunner Eddaket to pet his Eevee during Summer Games Done Quick.

Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee are the two latest installments in the franchise and they made an appearance at Games Done Quick, an event that raises money for charity while players speedrun their favorite games.

Fans are able to donate to the event to fulfill certain goals, and these fans badly wanted Eevee to get some well-deserved pets. With this being the first time the Pokemon series appeared on the Nintendo Switch, this is the first time fans have had the opportunity to see an Eevee look this good.


NintendoEevee is not only cute but can also hold its own in battle.

Maybe he should pet the Eevee

While going through the tall grass, the commentators began reading off the donations and one thing was explicitly clear – fans love Eevee.

“We have $500 from “Pet the Eevee” saying ‘Do it!'” 

That wasn’t the only donation asking though, as several more poured in right after that.

“We have $500 from Drantham who says ‘Pet that Eevee,'” before rattling off several more donations all asking for the same thing. All in all, it added up to $4000 all donated for him to show the ‘mon some love.

Yes, he did end up petting the Eevee, who was strangely named John Cena. However, it’s worth mentioning that he was able to defeat the Elite Four using just a lowly Psyduck who was included for the memes, and a Starmie – Eevee didn’t even factor into the conclusion.


The entire game was just beaten in a little over three hours, showing that Pokemon Let’s Go is definitely a game that can be speedrun, and it also has the potential to raise lots of money for charity as a result of its cuteness.