Fans beg Dream to return to Twitch after Minecraft star hosts secret Discord streams

dream twitch stream fans begInstagram: @dreamwastaken

Dream has been doing secret streams to less than a hundred people at a time on Discord, but now his fans have cottoned on, and they’re begging him to return to Twitch.

Dream’s popularity has been on the rise for a while now. Most of his Minecraft content is scattered across various YouTube videos, each with tens of millions of views. However, he does stream from time to time, too.

In the past two months, he’s streamed four times on Twitch. It’s about as active as he’s ever been on the platform. Still, thousands of people tuned in each time, and the VODs have racked up millions of views too. It pales in comparison to his YouTube channel, but they’re still decent numbers.

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But that’s not all. It turns out he’s been doing secret streams to small audiences in private on Discord too.

However, some fans feel left out, and they’re begging him to return to Twitch.

Dream wears a maskInstagram: @dreamwastaken
Dream hasn’t streamed on Twitch in a while, and his fans are begging him to come back.

“Hey Dream, since you’ve been streaming in Discord lately, I think it’d be a great idea for you to make an alt Twitch account and stream there,” wrote one fan.

“As you can see below, only 99 people can join the discord [voice chat] and watch the stream. So, it’s very hard to be able to watch.”

“Also, on George’s alt stream, you did talk about all the benefits of streaming on an alt and how you can just generally relax. So, why not make your own? PLEASE, I’m begging. Please, I know you said maybe to Dizzy, but we’re begging.”

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The post is gaining traction on social media, probably because it’s a sentiment that others share. Dream hasn’t responded, but it seems like it’s only a matter of time before the Minecraft streams again.

The real question is when that will be, what platform it will be on, and whether he’ll do it more often moving forward.