Fans are giddy as Halsey asks Corpse Husband to “teach” her Among Us - Dexerto

Fans are giddy as Halsey asks Corpse Husband to “teach” her Among Us

Published: 21/Dec/2020 1:07

by Theo Salaun


Halsey and Corpse Husband, both known for their voices, despite very different genres, have thrown social media into a frenzy by publicly planning a game of Among Us together.

What happens when worlds collide? Halsey, a celebrity musician, and Corpse Husband, a celebrity content creator (and musician, too), have proven that spontaneous collaboration is the stuff of fandom dreams. 

Neither Halsey nor Corpse Husband are restricted to the recording studio, although they’ve both produced successful hits. While each has a massive following on social media, the former is better known for her songwriting accolades while the latter, for a deep voice that resonates across YouTube and Twitch content.


When Halsey tweeted out a casual, undirected Sunday “Hello,” she probably didn’t expect Corpse to respond. When he did respond with a cryptic “exactly,” few could have expected that the two would start scheduling a game of Among Us. But that’s exactly what happened and fans are ecstatic.

Halsey has had No. 1 and No. 2 albums on the Billboard 200 since 2015, making her a famous face and a famous voice, even before she erupted as a cultural figure thanks to outspoken activism and fan engagement. Corpse Husband’s “E-Girls Are Ruining My Life!” track went big on TikTok, but he’s mostly famous for being a faceless, baritone voice with beloved Twitch and YouTube content.


The majority of that Twitch content has been in Among Us, which Halsey succinctly refers to as “space Game.” With Corpse already having played with famous American figures like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and James Charles, he is an excellent candidate to teach Halsey next.

As fans are already giddy at the prospect of Corpse and Halsey just communicating with one another on Twitter, it’s easy to imagine how hyped people would be if the two actually end up playing on Twitch together.

In just a few hours, fan reactions have already spanned everything from pure joy about the Twitter interactions to excitement over a possible Twitch stream and even some hopes for a musical collaboration.


Thus far, nothing has been scheduled and no one knows if Halsey’s Among Us tutorial will be conducted in the public eye. All we know is that two of the internet’s favorite personalities are in communication with each other.