“Fake Neymar” goes viral on TikTok tricking fans at Qatar World Cup

Fake Neymar Viral TikTokTikTok: ESPNFC

A Neymar impersonator has gone hilariously viral on TikTok after tricking fans at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar into thinking he was the real Brazilian footballer.

Neymar is one of world football’s biggest names, recently starring for Brazil at the ongoing FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

He’s also known (admittedly to a much lesser extent) for his appearances in the online gaming community, signing up to play some CS:GO around his World Cup matches and previously becoming a partnered Facebook Gaming creator.

While his tournament may have been ended prematurely by an ankle injury, the Brazilian superstar has still been present at his nation’s matches, cheering his teammates on as they strive to earn a sixth World Cup.

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His prominence has even attracted impersonators, one of whom has now gone viral on TikTok in a video that is bizarre and hilarious in equal measure.

Neymar impersonator goes viral tricking Qatar World Cup fans

The TikTok, posted by football news and media account ESPNFC, has garnered over 2.3 million views and 140,000 likes on the video sharing platform.

It shows a Neymar impersonator stepping off a bus in full Brazil training kit, greeting audiences and take pictures with a host of fans.

He even signs an autograph with incredible swagger, staring down the recipient and flicking the pen across the page.

The charade fell down when the camera operator got close to ‘Neymar’, realizing that his Adidas shorts actually sported the branding of a company named ‘abibos’.

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Viewers on TikTok found the whole affair hilarious, with one commenting: “The guy who took a picture with him is gonna get trolled so hard when he says he met Neymar.”

Another joked it was “Neymar from Wish” while another just loved “How he did the signature”.

Just another day on TikTok, proving everything and anything can go viral if it’s strange enough.