Face of cmonBruh Twitch emote launches channel after being recognized by a surgeon

twitch streamer cmonBruh emote

The former Twitch employee behind the iconic cmonBruh emote has started streaming on the platform to instant success, and he states the decision came after he was recognized by his surgeon.

Twitch has a plethora of free community emotes for every viewer to use, some of which live in infamy and have had a great impact on the streaming culture. These include emotes such as Pogchamp, Kappa, and Trihard.

But none are as mysterious as the iconic cmonBruh emote. Arguably one of the most used emotes on Twitch, it’s also one of the few that doesn’t have a concrete point of origin. All we know is that the face of the emote belongs to a former member of Twitch’s staff and that the emote gained popularity in 2016.

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That would be until September 30, 2022 when the cmonBruh Twitch channel would go live for the first time. But it wouldn’t be until his second and third streams – October 1 & 2 – that viewers would catch wind of his content.

cmonBruh starts streaming after he’s noticed by surgeon

On October 1, cmonBruh would go live on Twitch for 3 hours garnering a max of 350 viewers and would return the next day for another two hours stream for a peak 113 viewers.

During his October 2 stream, the internet icon explained to his chat why he decided to pick up streaming after being immortalized as an emote six years ago, and it was all thanks to a surgeon who was familiar with Twitch.

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“For the procedure, they were getting ready to gas me so I could got to sleep. And one of the guys was like ‘you look familiar.’ And I was like ‘I do? Who?’ and he was like ‘I don’t know. I feel like I’ve seen you somewhere. Do you game or something?'”

He went on to explain how the person eventually brought up Twitch emotes and asked, “Wait, are you cmonBruh? You kinda look like him but you’re not orange.”

He then revealed that he was, in fact, cmonBruh to which the surgeon replied, “Yo, that’s crazy! I’m about to operate on cmonBruh.”

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cmonBruh states that was the moment he realized he needed to start streaming on Twitch. And so far it’s been working out.

Across 9.8 total hours streamed, cmonBruh averaged 55 viewers putting him in the top 0.82% of streamers. He’s also amassed 1k followers and has affiliate status allowing his viewers to subscribe.