Fabrizio Romano joins Twitch: Football transfer expert to start streaming on new channel

Fabrizio Romano joins TwitchTwitch/Twitter: FabrizioRomano

International football transfer expert Fabrizio Romano has announced that he’s starting his own Twitch channel, bringing his coveted content to the streaming platform from July 1, 2021.

Romano has established himself as the number one source for all football transfer rumors, and if you’ve seen a big-name player linked with your team, chances are that leak has come from Fabrizio.

Akin to Adrian Wojnarowski in the NBA, or Adam Schefter for the NFL, Fabrizio is the ultimate insider for everything that happens across Europe and in the wider footballing world.

Now, with a Twitch channel, he can capture an even bigger audience as well as give live updates and unique content to his viewers.

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Fabrizio Romano football transfer insider TwitchTwitter: FabrizioRomano
Romano is the number one insider in world football.

Fabrizio Romano joins Twitch

In the announcement made on July 1, Romano used his iconic “Here we go!” catchphrase to reveal that he would be using the livestreaming platform to broadcast his usual content.

“I’m starting my Twitch channel to talk together about transfers, football in general, interviews and many other things,” he explained in his announcement video on Twitter. “I can’t wait to see you there.”

He then revealed that his first stream would be that day, on Thursday, July 1, at 9PM CET (8PM BST/3PM EST/12PM PST).

How to watch Fabrizio Romano on Twitch

While Romano doesn’t have a clearly specified schedule for his streams yet, he’s due to go live for the first time at 9PM CET on Thursday, July 1.

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We’ve embedded his Twitch channel below so you can catch it when he’s live, but you can follow him at twitch.tv/fabrizioromano too.

This could be huge for fans of Romano’s, who has already earned himself well over 3 million followers on Twitter alone.

It gives followers the ability to ask him questions about their team specifically, as well as get live updates on transfer progress, speak with important football figures and discuss everything going on in the football world.

Now, it’ll be interesting to see whether other notable sports insiders follow suit.