FaZe Ewok celebrates gift from Ninja with ‘Pon Pon Dance’

Matt Porter
Instagram : EwOkfn / YouTube: Jimmy Fallon

Fortnite player Soleil ‘EwOk’ Wheeler was so happy after receiving a gift from fellow streamer Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins that she broke out his iconic ‘Pon Pon’ dance to show her appreciation.

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Back in August, the 28-year-old revealed that he had partnered up with sportswear giants Adidas as part of a new sponsorship deal, and since then has been sending out gifts of Ninja-branded Adidas apparel to content creators and friends.

FaZe Clan’s EwOk became the last popular personality to get her hands on some sick Ninja merch, revealing that the Mixer streamer had sent her a jacket, and celebrating in the only way she knew how.

YouTube: Adidas
Ninja revealed he had signed with Adidas, and sent EwOk a gift from his collection.
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The Pon-Pon became a huge part of Ninja’s streams when he first transitioned into battle royale games, standing up and performing the dance in between matches or after securing wins back on H1Z1.

While he doesn’t break it out that often anymore, it’s still widely recognized as Ninja’s signature move, so after opening the gift on stream, EwOk decided there was only one thing to do.

In a tweet sent from her Twitter account on Thursday, September 5, the 13-year-old thanked Ninja for the jacket he had sent her, before launching into her own rendition of the Pon-Pon.

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EwOk has become a star in the Fortnite community, become the first female to join FaZe Clan, while showing off her insane talents at Fortnite.

What makes her accomplishments even more impressive is the fact that she is deaf, and after receiving a host from Tim ‘Timthetatman’ Betar, has skyrocketed up the Twitch charts and remained as one of the game’s brightest stars ever since.

Both her skill and infectous positivity brings viewers to her stream in thousands, but whether we’ll ever see her hit the dance move again remains to be seen. It could just be a one time thing, but who knows, maybe if Ninja keeps sending Adidas gear, EwOk will keep the Pon Pon going.