Extremely Fungible Tokens ‘mocks’ NFTs with free-to-use profile pictures

Dylan Horetski
Extremely Fungible Tokens 'mocks' nft projects
Extremely Fungible Tokens

A website by the name of ‘Extremely Fungible Tokens’ has gone viral on social media for ‘mocking’ NFTs by offering completely free images for fans to use as profile pictures.

Throughout the past year, Non-Fungible Tokens have gained viral popularity on the internet as projects like Bored Ape Yacht Club and Cryptopunks have become worth millions of dollars.

The new-age technology has also been met with its fair share of distaste due to the alleged environmental impact, occasional misleading artwork, and the rising amount of NFT “scams.”

A popular style of NFT projects is ‘PFPs,’ or profile pictures, which are commonly used by buyers as their display pictures on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

A new project called ‘Extremely Fungible Tokens’ has gone viral on Twitter and is looking to provide similar style PFPs without having to support NFT projects.

Extremely Fungible Tokens “mocks” NFTs

Created by TheRealSullyG as an “anti-NFT” movement, they provide a very basic website. The company focuses on an introduction to the collection and showcases the project’s front and center.

The introduction reads: “We all hate NFTs. They hurt artists, hurt the environment, and are overall just a bad idea. That’s why a bunch of artists have come together to create some NFT style profile pictures for you! But here’s the thing: They are 100% free!

“That’s right, you are encouraged to save, screenshot, and use these photos for all your profile picture needs!”

Introduction to NFT's
Alongside the details of the collection, the EFT website notes that every project has a donation link to support the artist.

At the time of writing, Extremely Fungible Tokens offers over 20 collections for fans to choose from, with each collection showcasing dozens of variations just like a normal NFT project would.

As soon as you open a project page, you are met with details about the artist front-and-center to make sure fans of the art are able to support the person creating it.

Dapper Penguins extremely fungible tokens
Dapper Penguins/Extremely Fungible Tokens
Dapper Penguins is one of the many projects available on the site.

Sully provides website updates on his personal Twitter account, and you can submit a project of your own by sending him an email.

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