ExtraEmily wants to visit Mizkif's house instead of $50,000 prize: "I don't want the money" - Dexerto

ExtraEmily wants to visit Mizkif’s house instead of $50,000 prize: “I don’t want the money”

Published: 28/Apr/2022 8:30 Updated: 28/Apr/2022 9:48

by Dave Deiley


Emily ‘ExtraEmily’ Zhang, the winner of Mizkif’s trivia gameshow ‘Schooled’, has asked to trade the $50,000 in for an even more special prize — meeting the streamer and going to his house.

After a drama-filled final finale ExtraEmily was declared winner of Mizkif’s second season of ‘Schooled’  after original victor EEvisu confessed to cheating his way through the final, which has caused a furore amongst viewers and streamers.

However, instead of taking the prize money, apparently Emily wanted a different prize from Mizkif, with the streamer opening up on her response on stream on April 27.

“I called her right after EE apologized, well he didn’t apologize. I called her right after EE admitted he cheated,” she said.


Mizkif posing with the trophy for Season 2 of ‘Schooled’. He’s since claimed to be “done” with the show.

Talking through the conversation, Mizkif said he congratulated Emily on winning to hear her respond “yeah, wow oh, no way he cheated that’s so sad.”

Responding in typical fashion the host continued “cut the crap you won the money.”

However, ExtraEmily refused the money instead asking to head to Mizkif’s house. “Oh, I don’t want the money. Instead, can I just come over?”

Seeing the potentially savvy nature of this move, the OTK member and ‘Schooled’ host replied: “Oh, okay you want long term on this. You don’t want short term you want long term on this.”


Mizkif initially made it clear it was a literal go big or go (to his) home moment, saying: “It’s one or the other here we don’t do both offers”

This lead ExtraEmily to finish their chat with “oh yeah no I’d rather come over, for sure! I wanna come over.”

At the end of it, it seems like Emily will be able to have her cake and eat it too.


“Nah she gets the fifty thousand, and I told her she could come over,” Mizkif concluded.