ExtraEmily & Mizkif cut each other’s hair on stream and it ends in disaster

Mizkif cutting ExtraEmily's hairTwitch: ExtraEmily

Twitch streamer ExtraEmily decided to randomly snip a bit of Mizkif’s hair during her stream, initially dumbstruck Mizkif responded in kind chopping off a bunch of Emily’s hair.

ExtraEmily has been in the spotlight quite a bit since her signing with OTK earlier this year, no doubt thanks to her great sense of humor and abilities as an entertainer.

One of said abilities is to turn events surrounding her and the larger Twitch happenings into quick random skits and gags, such as the time when ExtraEmily elbow dropped a cake after finding out her appearance on xQc’s Love or Host was just “for content”.

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This time Emily took advantage of Mizkif being distracted while ordering food and asked him “can I cut your hair,” and proceeded to cut some of his bangs without waiting for the reply.

Mizkif was initially shocked, but he decided to stay silent while confiscating Emily’s scissors. What happened next sent Emily into a bit of a panic as Mizkif cut a big lock of her hair in retaliation.

ExtraEmily and Mizkif trade cutting off each other’s hair

Emily initially was very upset at the amount of hair Mizkif cut in retaliation, pointing out that it can be clearly seen from afar.

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“Miz! That actually makes a difference,” screamed Emily. “You can actually see it, oh my god it looks horrible. Because it’s like, near the front of my face.”

Mizkif eventually calmed Emily down before evening some of the hair out for her and reaffirming that it was barely noticeable. The moment was also somewhat cut short because Mizkif dropped his phone immediately after and everyone was worried that it shattered.

ExtraEmily’s chat exploded with various responses, some just spamming laughing emotes finding the moment hilarious, while some angry viewers wrote things like “omg punch him,” or “omg why.”

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Though, neither Emily nor Mizkif holds a grudge against each other and they simply laughed it off.

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