Experts warn TikTok users about negative effects of viral ‘healthy Coke’ trend

. 13 days ago
TikTokers making healthy coke
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TikTok is loving a viral recipe for a ‘healthy’ Coke alternative involving the key ingredients balsamic vinegar and flavored sparkling water, but some experts are warning that it might not be as healthy as it sounds.

People love posting their viral recipes to TikTok, and viewers are often looking for food and drink recipes that will help improve their health in some capacity.

In June, a recipe for a ‘healthy’ alternative to Coke started going massively viral on the app, with videos of people trying the recipe garnering millions of views and likes.

To make it, you simply mix balsamic vinegar with flavored sparkling water. Some people claimed the strange combination tasted just like Coke, whereas others were not so convinced that it was an appealing alternative to the original drink.

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In response to the trend, some experts are warning that ‘healthy Coke’ may not actually be as healthy as the name would suggest.

Speaking to CNET, registered dietitian and sports nutritionist Gabriela Barreto said: “Consuming that amount of balsamic vinegar, which is highly acidic at a pH of 2 to 3, in a beverage can be harmful. Generally, when we consume balsamic vinegar in a salad, there are other ingredients and the content of balsamic vinegar is not that high.”

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Cosmetic dentist Dr. Joyce Kahng went on to add: “The pH of vinegar is about 2 to 3, which is around the same level of acidity as a full sugar Coke or a Diet Coke, meaning it’s equally as detrimental to the enamel in high volumes. For reference, tooth enamel demineralizes at a pH of 5.5, so regardless of whether it is a regular Coke or not, both are unhealthy for teeth.”

‘Healthy Coke’ isn’t the only health-based drink trend doing the rounds on TikTok. The ‘internal shower’ trend is garnering millions of views, as people film themselves trying the chia seed beverage.

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