Example dishes on music's biggest diva during Happy Hour podcast

by Virginia Glaze


YouTuber 'JaackMaate’s' Happy Hour Podcast sat down with musician, rapper, and producer ‘Example,’ who let slip a few details about who he feels is the biggest “diva” in the music industry.

The Happy Hour podcast is a popular presence on YouTube, often featuring high-profile guests like social media stars True Geordie, KSI, and even the occasional celebrity like Ricky Gervais for a deep dive in their personal lives and opinions on hot topics.

Their most recent episode saw the appearance of UK music artist Example, best known for such songs as “Won’t Go Quietly” and “Kickstarts.”

Example, YouTube
UK rapper, producer, and musician 'Example' made a special appearance on the Happy Hour Podcast, where he dished on his personal experiences with drama in the music biz.


During his time on the podcast, the group’s conversation steered toward drama in the music industry, prompting Example to dish on who he personally feels is the biz’s biggest diva.

“What’s the most ‘diva’ thing you’ve seen someone do?” host Jack asked, after the group deliberated on the declining “fakeness” of such scenes as pop and rap. “You must have seen some divas in your time.”

While Example didn’t name any names, he did admit that a popular Dutch DJ was at fault for such self-centered behavior, as seen during a music festival in Australia.

Although he didn't name any names, Example claimed that one of the biggest divas he's had the pleasure of interacting with was a popular Dutch DJ.


“We were flying from one festival to another, and a world-famous DJ didn’t want to get on the helicopter because he’d requested a black or a white one,” he explained. “It was a green one.”

That’s not all; Example even claimed that the DJ requested his set times be changed, as he would rather take the two-hour drive in a vehicle rather than travel in an unfashionable aircraft.

“He was like, ‘No sir, I said it has to be a black or a white helicopter,’” he continued. “‘I’m not getting on that one. It’s green.’ And they were like, ‘Well, it’s a two-hour drive to the other one.’ And he said, ‘Well, they’ll have to change my set times then, because I’m not getting on it.”


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As for his reasons for the odd request, Example suggested the DJ might have been on a “power trip” — and while fans might never know who it actually was, due to the Netherlands’ wealth of EDM artists, they’ll now be haunted by the possibility that their favorite producer could be a total snob.