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Ex-KFC worker spills secrets on TikTok you need to know before ordering

Published: 12/Apr/2022 22:24

by David Purcell


Next time you’re ordering Kentucky Fried Chicken, there are a few insider secrets you can take advantage of, according to an ex-KFC worker on TikTok. 

No matter the year, there’s always that one person who talks about a secret menu in your friends group, for McDonald’s, Wendys, KFC, and other fast-food chains.

If you have a pal working at one of these places, it might be even worse as they could kid you into thinking there’s a crazy burger ready to be served that only they know about. Then, you turn up to the counter and they look at you like you have three heads when you order it.


With so many pranksters and rumors out there, it’s difficult to tell which of these menus is secret and which is fiction.

However, somebody who used to work at KFC in the United Kingdom has possibly uncovered the perfect set of tips for the next time you’re eyeing up a Kentucky takeaway.

TikToker reveals “secret” KFC ordering tips

Posting the video to TikTok, user Joshfedup revealed a list of tips that you may not have known about or taken advantage of.

Starting off with a more basic recommendation, the TikToker stated: “If you get a drink, ask for no ice.”

Not because it gets you more drink, though. They continued: “The ice sits in that little cooler thing for hours, especially if it’s quiet. It’s just out in the open for hours, so next time you go, make sure to ask for a drink with no ice – you’ll thank me later.”



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The next secret might actually blow your mind, as it’s not possible if you’re making an order using Uber Eats or DoorDash on your phone. This one is for the in-person folk.

Joshfedup added: “When I was there literally no one who was ordering knew this – if you don’t want a drink you can just swap it for a side.”

Yep –  according to him, in a lot of KFC restaurants they will allow you to switch your drink (with old ice apparently) for a side dish.

Take your pick from mashed potatoes with gravy, corn, corn on the cob, potato wedges, macaroni and cheese, coleslaw, green beans, or biscuits, depending on your geographical location.


kfc box meal
Not fancying a drink? How about another side… Says this TikToker.

In addition, the user states that ordering during busy times is a no-go next time you choose KFC, if you want to avoid long waiting times. But simple tips aside, they revealed another tip about drinks: “If the same person on the tills is doing your drink are you still getting a drink?… They’ve just touched your money, the screen, they’ve been touching other people’s money, and now they’re wiping their hands around the rim of your drink.”

In a world that’s certainly more conscious of human contact, given the global health crisis, that one might be the most topical of the lot.


So, next time you’re fancying a KFC meal, will you be putting these insider tips to good use?