Ex-FaZe member Kay kicks off feud with JiDion and King Kenny ahead of boxing debut - Dexerto

Ex-FaZe member Kay kicks off feud with JiDion and King Kenny ahead of boxing debut

Published: 6/Apr/2022 8:47

by Dave Deiley


Frazier Kay has leapt whole-heartedly into the world of smack-talk again. This time stirring up new beef with Jidion ‘JiDion’ Adams and Kenny ‘King Kenny’ Ojuederie over a proposed boxing debut in August.

The professional gamer turned content creator turned alleged scam artist, Frazier Kay has shot himself back into relevance with an outrageous ‘looking for’ post on Twitter.

The 26-year-old London local took to Twitter posting: “Looking for a heavyweight content creator, 200+ lbs who wants to box. Hit me up.”

With absolutely no shortage of offers to go toe-to-toe in the ring, content creators worldwide picked up the call to fight and returned it.


JiDion entered into the fray with a spicy back and forth starting with: “You tryna hop in the ring.” He then called Frazier out over the alleged ‘Save the Kids’ scam, tweeting “just don’t scam me”.

Shots were fired back by Kay accusing JiDion of getting banned from boxing. Kay then doubled down with “I bet you any money you don’t sign a fight with me.”

JiDion appeared to have the last laugh on Twitter, however, ending their conversation with the damning accusation “your money or the money you scammed from fans?”

In the midst of would-be fighters throwing their hats in the ring, Beta Squad member King Kenny chimed in accusing Kay of dropping out of a fight already being worked out in the background.


Further muddying the waters, Frazier denied he was pulling out of the fight. Instead claiming that King Kenny wasn’t meeting weight for a fight proposed in June. Prompting Kenny to reply with “Stop lying. We agreed on August not June and we would meet at 85KG (you’re 90 right now). Don’t front for Twitter, just own the fact.”

Fan response to the saga has been mixed, with calls of “fraud” ringing loudest. Whether this will lead to a legitimate bout remains to be seen, but we will keep you updated with any changes to the situation if, and when, it comes.