Eugenia Cooney responds after strangers call police about her health

Georgina Smith
Eugenia Cooney in an Instagram picture
Instagram: eugeniacooney

YouTuber Eugenia Cooney has revealed on Twitter that she needs to speak to police after someone called them and told them she was going into cardiac arrest.

Eugenia has over 2 million subscribers on YouTube, and largely posts content relating to fashion, cosplay and occasionally gaming-related content.

After people grew increasingly concerned about her over the years, in 2019 she took part in a Shane Dawson documentary in which she admitted to having an eating disorder, and documented part of her recovery.

Eugenia Cooney next to Shane Dawson
Shane Dawson, YouTube
Eugenia appeared in Shane Dawson’s hugely viral documentary series on YouTube.

However, the creator has come under heavy criticism since then for posting revealing YouTube and Instagram videos that show her body.

Her posts and videos are regularly flooded with comments from people who implore her to “get help,” and some are contacting the police about her.

On May 20, she explained via Twitter: “Going over to the police station today to meet with some of the guys there cause I guess someone called them saying I was in cardiac arrest… and since they keep getting weird calls I guess some of them wanna meet. Today should be interesting!”

She followed up shortly after by saying: “So I guess they got busy with other things today and I actually won’t have to go in until next week sometime! Sorry guys just kinda a weird start to my day, but I always feel bad when they have to deal with false calls like that.”

She elaborated in a short video, where she reiterated that this isn’t the first time they’ve received these kinds of “weird crazy calls” on her behalf.

It’s unclear who exactly made this specific call, or if there is something more to the story, but once Eugenia has spoken to the police there may be more updates to follow.