Ethan Klein slams “simp” Jidion after Pokimane hate raid drama

ethan-klein-pokimane-jidion-twitchYouTube: Ethan Klein / Twitch: Pokimane / Jidion

Ethan Klein slammed Jidion for launching a hate raid towards Pokimane that ultimately got him permanently banned on Twitch, calling him a “simp” and telling him to “grow up.” The man behind H3H3 Productions also crticized Ninja for his involvement.

On January 13, Pokimane was forced to end her stream after it was raided by Jidion fans who flooded the chat with hateful comments. Jidion orchestrated the whole thing, which got him permanently banned on the platform. His appeal was also rejected.

Jidion apologized and admitted that what he did was wrong. He also claimed that the reason why he dislikes her has nothing to do with her gender. Instead, it’s because he simply doesn’t like her as a person.

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However, Ethan is convinced that he’s not telling the truth. He believes Jidion is a “simp” and is doing everything he can to get her attention. He  likened him to a young boy picking on a girl to get her attention and called him “pathetic.”

Pokimane hits out at critics telling her to get over Jidion dramaYouTube: Pokimane
Pokimane was targeted by a hate raid on January 13.

“You know what’s funny? The real simp is him,” said Ethan. “He’s like the five-year-old who’s got a crush on a girl who flicks her ear so she notices him. I mean, dude, if anyone’s trying to actually get her attention, it’s you. It’s pathetic.”

He believes it’s also a part of a much bigger problem. “In the eyes of all these incels, the only reason people are watching her is because she’s hot, and they think that they have a chance with her. That is misogyny.”

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Then, he turned his attention back to Jidion.  “You think that’s the only reason she could be successful? In truth, you want a chance with her. You want her attention. That’s why you’re doing this. It’s pathetic.  You’re the simp. Can’t you see that? Grow up.”

Ethan also took a swipe at Ninja for his involvement in the drama. “Is Ninja even relevant? He should have erased his channel and walked off into the sunset. Ninja’s influence has clearly waned, as evidenced by the fact that his plea for help resulted in his friend getting permanently banned.”

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Ethan isn’t the only person to make such claims about him. Andrew Schulz also thinks that Jidion and Ninja are “jealous” of Pokimane.

Pokimane has been outspoken about the situation, too. In response to people telling her to move on, she said: “I’ll move on once I stop receiving thousands of hate messages daily! You move on first, you freaking weirdos!”