Ethan Klein explains how Logan Paul “f*cked up” his response to Coffeezilla

ethan klein logan paulEthan Klein/Logan Paul

Ethan Klein reacted to Logan Paul’s response to Coffeezilla’s investigation into his crypto project titled CryptoZoo, and H3H3 explained why Paul’s reaction was “f*cked up.”

On January 3, Logan Paul uploaded a video response to YouTuber Coffeezilla’s investigation into his seemingly abandoned project CryptoZoo.

Coffeezilla had uploaded a three-part series highlighting the investors of CryptoZoo, some of which lost up to hundreds of thousands of dollars investing in the blockchain-based project, which was quickly abandoned by Paul.

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Now, H3H3’s Ethan Klein has reacted to Paul’s viral video, and given his viewpoint on the drama.

Ethan Klein labels Logan Paul’s video the “worst response ever”

The 37-year-old podcaster uploaded a video directly to his highlights channel giving his perspective on the Logan Paul and Coffeezilla beef.

Ethan claimed that Logan uploading his response video to his main channel was “bad” because he’s “blasting it to a huge audience, his fans are going to see it who weren’t aware of it.”

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Barely four seconds into the video and Ethan was stunned at just how hard Logan went at Coffeezilla and said, “Here’s how he f*cked up: He’s not coming graciously to understand the misunderstanding. He’s already coming out accusing him of exploiting his name for views and money, but I don’t think Coffee did that. He laid out a thoughtful and compelling case.”

Later in the video, Klein slammed Logan saying “he’s making every mistake in the book. This is the worst response ever.”

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He also said he’s excited to see the fallout of this video, and what Coffeezilla’s response will include, whenever it does drop on his YouTube channel. Ethan will certainly react to this video on his podcast when he comes back from his holiday hiatus.