Ethan Klein claims friend of Jeff Wittek “threatened” him and wife Hila before interview

YouTube: H3 Podcast

YouTuber and podcast host Ethan Klein claims a friend of fellow influencer Jeff Wittek harassed him and his wife, Hila, before Wittek’s scheduled interview on their show.

Jeff Wittek has made no bones about his feelings regarding YouTube star David Dobrik over the past few days.

Wittek — who was once part of Dobriks’ friend group, the Vlog Squad — recently pulled out of an event due to Dobrik being involved, notably calling the YouTuber a “scumbag.”

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The drama between Wittek and Dobrik sparked after Wittek was injured during a stunt in 2021, in which Dobrik manned a crane that Wittek was strapped to. Wittek’s eye was badly damaged, requiring multiple surgeries.

Jeff Wittek on his podcastYouTube: JEFF FM
Jeff Wittek is host of a podast, Jeff FM. He notably suffered an eye injury after a stunt with the Vlog Squad went wrong in 2021.

Since then, tensions between him and Dobrik have been riding high — and it seems as though sentiments between Wittek’s friends and Ethan Klein are in a similar state.

Wittek was scheduled to appear in an episode of the H3H3 podcast to discuss his drama with Dobrik. However, Klein ultimately ended up canceling the interview after he claimed a friend of Wittek harassed him and his wife on two separate occasions.

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Ethan Klein hits back at Triller CEO harassment accusationsYouTube: H3 Podcast
Ethan Klein planned on having Jeff Wittek on the H3 Podcast, but ended up canceling due to being allegedly harassed by one of Wittek’s friends.

“Jeff’s not coming on the show for good reason,” Klein explained. “I’ll just say it – Jeff’s friend, the guy I was making fun of, he came into our f**king gated community and was filming, driving by our house and saying, ‘I have all the info you need Ethan, don’t test me!’ Like threatening me and my family in front of our house.”

Klein claimed that he had to phone the authorities to take care of the situation and tightened security at the front gate of his neighborhood.

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“That was a horrible experience,” he added. “They think it’s funny, I guess, to drive by my house and intimidate me.”

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Klein went on to clarify that, although he doesn’t believe Wittek had anything to do with the incident, he was canceling the interview due to the company he keeps.

This news comes in wake of Casey Neistat’s upcoming documentary covering David Dobrik’s controversies, set to premiere at SXSW in March.

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