Ethan Klein claims agency stole $600k from him and is “afraid” of outcome

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Ethan Klein claims that content creator agency BBTV has stolen over $600,000 from him, with the influencer explaining how and why this has come about as well as revealing that other influencers have endured similar issues after he raised it publicly.

Content creator and YouTuber Ethan Klein has slammed the BBTV agency, stating the organization has “stolen” $620,000 from his channel earnings.

Klein revealed the news in a new YouTube video, where he discussed how, after noticing issues with his contract with BBTV, he called the company to talk out his concerns.

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“The only way I could actually get paid is if I connected to a network and YouTube sent the money to them and then they sent us the money. That was the only way.”

When calling representatives from BBTV, Klein explained how their response was supposedly less than supportive and was, at times, defensive. 

Ethan Klein claims BBTV “stole” over $600,000 from him

In a follow-up video, Klein revealed that many other content creators have reached out to him and expressed their own issues. Specifically, how they too have lost money through their own arrangements with BBTV.

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Popular YouTuber MoistCr1TiKaL even weighed in on the issue, stating, “oh yeah, that is concerning, I did see that… H3H3 posted about how BBTV stole $620,000 from them over a course of multiple years.”

After reading out the other responses, Klein elaborated further on his own experiences and concerns.

“My fear is that they don’t have the money and that these guys are on the verge of declaring bankruptcy. I’ve been reading over the contract and my remedies are not that much. I could unlink immediately without giving a 30-day notice if I was afraid that they were going to go bankrupt.”

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He added that, “you know what, the punishment for terminating it is that I have to pay them back the $10,000 signing bonus they gave me five years ago. So I said, you know what, I’ll happily owe them $10,000 to get out of this because every cent I’m earning now is still being funneled to them for the next 2 months.”

Finally, Klein admitted that “I’d have to be the biggest idiot ever to sit here and allow them after all this to keep collecting my money.”

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Time will tell exactly what Klein plans to do with his ties to BBTV, however, we’ll be sure to keep you in the know with any new updates.

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