Esfand stunned after meeting hilarious Dr Disrespect lookalike at tailgate

Dr Disrespect and lookalikeTwitch/Esfand/GFuel

Twitch streamer Esfand’s experience at a tailgate in Austin, Texas turned crazy when he met a man who looked exactly like Dr Disrespect… sort of.

On September 4, the streamer was at the University of Texas filming a tailgate party when he suddenly met a man with a mullet and sunglasses, two things synonymous with the two-time’s appearance.

While the upper portion of the man was very similar to Dr Disrespect, this individual had his belly exposed and was a few pounds too heavy to perform a 37-inch vertical leap.

Still, Esfand felt like he had to speak to the man, who introduced himself and explained that he was at the tailgate to promote his company, Drinkin Bros.

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“Have you heard of Dr Disrespect?” Esfand asked.

“Yes, I’ve been called that guy a lot,” he revealed. “People call me him all the time! One guy was like, ‘hey, f**k you, Dr Disrespect!’”

This comment got a big laugh out of Esfand, because of just how weird of an interaction that must have been for the man who had no idea who Doc was at the time.

“I turned around and I’m like, ‘oh I’m sorry!’ Like, I don’t even know what that means,” he continued.

It’s not just Doc who the man gets mistaken for either. In another revelation, the guy explained how he got called Kenny Powers, a character from Eastbound & Down.

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“Danny McBride, you know that guy?” the man asked. “From Pineapple Express? Someone did the same thing, he’s like ‘f**k you, you Danny McBride-looking motherf**ker!’ I’m just chilling and drinking a beer, like ‘Okay, thanks. Sorry!’”

Esfand meets Dr Disrespect lookalikeTwitch/Esfand
No, that’s not Dr Disrespect. Calm down.

It’s wild to imagine constantly being mistaken for popular streamers and actors, especially under these circumstances, but that’s what the man said he had to deal with.

Just goes to show that you can find some entertaining characters at tailgates. Needless to say, this was easily one of the most entertaining parts of Esfand’s broadcast.