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Entertainment • May 02, 2019

Esfand and Mizkif could lose “tens of thousands of dollars” following Twitch ban

Esfand and Mizkif could lose “tens of thousands of dollars” following Twitch ban
Esfand Twitch / Mizkif Twitch

While Twitch audiences were perplexed about the surprise bans for streamers Esfand and Mizkif, it’s even more astonishing when realizing how much money the streamers can potentially be losing out on.


In the latest episode of The DT Podcast, Steven ‘Destiny’ Bonnell and Mychal ‘Trihex’ Ramon Jefferson touched on the controversy surrounding their fellow streamers’ bans.

The podcast touched on the circumstances surrounding the latest Twitch rulings when Destiny was hit with the realization that could make the banned broadcasters lose out on “tens of thousands of dollars.”


Esfand Twitch
The bans could hold huge monetary ramifications even after the bans are up.

There's a lot of money to lose from a ban

In comparing stream sizes, Destiny said Mizkif was “either at [his audience] size or larger." But the similarities in their potential audience pull translates right into lost money, considering that a Twitch ban restricts streamers from valuable incentives like Bounties.

“Bounties are basically a way to connect Twitch to a streamer and you can go, ‘I’ll click this Bounty,’” Destiny said. “It’s basically like an Activation where you play a game for like an hour or watch a video or whatever and you get paid some amount of money for it. It’s really really easy money on Twitch, but if you’ve ever been banned, I guess you’re not allowed to get bounties anymore.”


Even though some fans think Mizkif did these “bounties as a meme,” Destiny reassured his viewers that “no, [Mizkif] got paid hardcore money for that.”

Destiny was murky on some of the specific details about bans and bounties. But his knowledge came from a pretty reliable source seeing how he hasn’t been able to participate in Bounties “in like three fucking months” because of past bans.

Why were Mizkif and Esfand banned?

After hours of speculation for Twitch's ruling, in separate statements, the two streamers revealed that their bans were due to an incident involving a cosplayer during their time at Pax East.

Even as the statement shed more light on the issue, it only served to confuse a lot of their fan base on why the ban would follow so late after the initial offense occurred.

Regardless, instead of shying away from public outlash, both banned streamers were transparent enough to realize that an offense had been committed.

In what served as a joint public statement for the banned streamers, Esfand said they “do not condone any type of harassment” toward anyone involved in the issue, and are excited to get back to their fans soon.

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