Esfand blames Twitch fans for making Asmongold stop streaming

Twitch: EsfandTV / YouTube: Zackrawwwr

Popular Twitch streamer Esfand explained why Asmongold was pushed out of streaming due to his own community.

Asmongold and Esfand are two of the biggest World of Warcraft streamers in the world and both saw a huge rise in popularity following the release of WoW Classic.

However, it seems that the massive increase in viewership came with some problems, as Asmongold announced he’s taking a break from streaming on Feb 24, with Esfand later claiming that his community is at fault.

World of Warcraft blew up on Twitch after Blizzard rolled back the years with a classic version of the base game.

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The Persian streamer spoke about Asmongold’s situation during a broadcast on Feb 26, explaining exactly what happened to cause the American to take a break.

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“Look at it this way, in the last couple of months if you went and saw anything about Asmongold, when did you see something nice about him? At a certain point that wears on you, when you have 40, 50, 60 thousand viewers a day and it feels like everybody hates you… it’s not a good feeling.”

He then went on to add that obviously not every single viewer is negative towards Asmon, but the vast majority of them are, and it can clearly be very draining.

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“I’m not saying that there aren’t people who are supportive and do like Asmon, but it seems like these people aren’t as vocal as the ones spouting hate.”

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Asmongold hasn’t confirmed a return date to streaming, or World of Warcraft, but he did take a break at a similar time in 2019, with his broadcasts being on pause from the end of Feb 2019 to the middle of April 2019.

Regardless, his fans will no doubt be waiting for his return, and may even reconsider their actions after finding out a reason for his hiatus.