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Erobb’s Twitch stream hijacked by ‘gorilla’ in hilarious sneak attack

Published: 1/Nov/2019 13:33 Updated: 1/Nov/2019 15:06

by Matt Porter


Twitch streamer Eric ‘Erobb’ Robbins was ‘attacked’ by a gorilla during his Halloween stream, who hijacked his stream in a hilarious skit. 

Those who have regularly tuned into Erobbs streams over the past few years are well accustomed to see him wrestling with his friends, but things took a different turn on October 31 when he squared off one of nature’s greatest creatures – or at least what looked like one anyway.

A ‘gorilla’ bounded into the room and grabbed Erobb, grunting and beating its chest, but of course, it wasn’t the true king of the jungle, but rather someone in a costume who launched the hilarious attack on the streamer.

Twitch: Erobb221Erobb was stunned when a ‘gorilla’ appeared in his room.

After deciding not to appear on TrainwrecksTV’s podcast, Erobb was chilling with his chat during his 24-hour livestream, when a roar from the door behind him made him jump, as the streamer in a gorilla suit stormed into the room and started pounding the bed.

Seconds later, the ‘gorilla’ had his arms around the head of Erobb, trailing him out of the chair and onto the floor before beating his chest in celebration, sprinting out the door before the 23-year-old could enact any revenge of his own.

The assailant didn’t remove his mask, but viewers and Erobb himself joked that it was Trainwrecks, exacting some vengeance of his own for the spurned podcast invitation.

As it turned out though, it was actually Dareon, who often appears in Erobb’s streams, eventually returning to the scene of the crime to show off his costume and celebrate his prank, walking in shouting “Ape Gang,” a reference to TrainwrecksTV. 

Viewers who watch out Erobb’s Twitch streams regularly are always well entertained by his hilarious mishaps, including a clip from October when the streamer suffered three hilarious fails in less than 30 seconds, much to the delight of his chat.

Whether the streamer will try and get Dareon back for the incident remains to be seen, but perhaps he should keep his eye out for Erobb-shaped animals creeping up behind him for the foreseeable future.


Twitch streamer’s parents go nuts after trying VR chat for first time

Published: 27/Nov/2020 19:05

by Michael Gwilliam


Popular Twitch streamer JakeNBake spent his Thanksgiving introducing his parents to the world of VR Chat and the results were comically insane to say the least.

Streamers getting their parents to play popular video games isn’t necessarily a new concept, but bringing them into VR Chat takes that idea to a completely new level.

VR Chat is one of the most popular experiences available to virtual reality players, bringing people together into a fully 3D world where they can interact, party, and play games with each other.

During the November 26 broadcast, Jake decided to bring his mother into VR and right off the bat, having her interact with another streamer by the name of “MurderCrumpet” was downright hilarious.

“Hello, how are you doing!?” Jake’s mother asked as the user showed up in her devilish-looking black avatar with dark red hair. “I’m Victoria. You’re MurderCrumpet? I don’t know if I like a MurderCrumpet.”

“Don’t worry about the name, call me Crumpet. The Murder part, that comes way later,” the player joked.

Eventually, Crumpet ended up inviting Jake’s mom to a dinner party at a club and she agreed to go into the portal to the destination.

From there, Victoria found herself interacting with all sorts of scantily-clad avatars and she was extremely impressed with how realistic everything looked.

Meanwhile, Jake’s dad had an interesting time being “hypnotized” by a famous player named Blu Haze.

“Oh my God, very nice,” he said as the player posed for him. “I’ve been drawn to her. I’m hypnotized by those violet eyes. Oh my God, very nice. Look at that.”

All while this was going on, Jake could only look on in disbelief and put his hands on his head, clearly stunned by what was transpiring.

“Don’t let her seduce you, she’ll have your soul,” someone off-screen warned.

“She already has, I’m afraid,” Jake’s father replied. “And my belly too.”

The whole experience is certainly very strange, especially with Jake’s parents getting so into it. Who knows, maybe in the future, they’ll become regulars at the parties in VR Chat.