England football legend Wayne Rooney wants Jake Paul fight & Eddie Hearn says its possible

Wayne Rooney and Jake Paul side by side imagesInstagram: jakepaul/Wikimedia Commons: All-Pro Reels

According to Eddie Hearn, England football legend Wayne Rooney has frequently reached out to him asking to take on Jake Paul in the boxing ring, with Hearn claiming that it’s a “makeable fight.”

In recent years, despite how the boxing purists might feel about it, Jake Paul has become a huge money fight in the combat sports world, with millions of dollars on the line and fanfare that extends far beyond the regular reach of boxing.

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Throughout his career, he has taken on UFC stars like Ben Askren, Tyron Woodley, and Anderson Silva, as well as his most recent fight with Tommy Fury, which was over a year in the making.

After fighting MMA fighters and NBA players, a stalwart of another sport is now looking to take him on in the ring, with one of England’s finest ever players looking for the fight.

Speaking on That Peter Crouch podcast, Hearn said that he’ll sometimes get a text from Rooney “when he’s had a drink” asking to fight the younger Paul brother, naturally getting Hearn a bit excited at the prospect.

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He did add that Wayne Rooney can fight, and has had amateur fights in the past, but whether England’s second-highest-ever scorer would seriously want the fight is another question.

In another podcast, in a clip now doing the rounds on TikTok, Hearn also added that Wayne Rooney vs Jake Paul at Old Trafford is a “makeable fight,” clearly having given it some thought.

Obviously, there will be a lot of people, fighters or otherwise, who will have said they want to take on Jake Paul in some capacity.

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Wayne Rooney does have a history of fighting, having made headlines earlier in his career for having a friendly scrap with teammate Phil Bardsley, and getting knocked out by his opponent.

If he could do it under the bright lights against someone much younger and who has been doing it nonstop for years, however, is hard to say.

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