Emiru stunned as fan in Korea gives her an IRL donation in public

emiru twitchEmiru/Twitch

Twitch star Emiru received a gift from an eager fan on the streets of South Korea during a trip with her One True King streaming team including roommate Mizkif.

Emiru became one of the fastest-growing streamers on all of Twitch at the end of last year, seeing her average viewership skyrocket to over 10,000, bringing in a lot of new fans.

After a massive year on the platform in 2021, she capped it off by joining the streaming organization OTK which she called “everything I ever wanted.

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Now, she’s accompanied the org on a trip to South Korea, where she got the chance to meet one of her adoring fans in real life.

emiru-open-up-on-mental-issues-after-twitch-fans-raise-concerns-over-symptomsEmiru has over 880k followers on Twitch.

Emiru gets hand-delivered donation in Korea

Mizkif was streaming the OTK crew’s adventures on the streets of South Korea when one young fan approached Emiru specifically.

The girl asked for Emiru’s signature, then handed Emiru a real-life donation. Inside the box was 15k won (roughly $10) along with tons of stickers and goodies, all Kirby-themed. Emiru has become known for her love of Kirby, as the room she streams from is jam-packed with dozens of plushies of Nintendo’s pink puff-ball.

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The OTK streamer couldn’t believe the generosity from the fan and said, “Oh my God. So cute, what the heck!”

Mizkif joked, “Is that money?! Ten thousand dollars Emi!”

Encountering a fan in real life from a different country was a wild moment for Emiru, and shows just how popular she’s become.

This moment has been the highlight of the OTK-SouthKorea trip so far, as the group kicked off their travels with Esfand being rushed to the hospital for a thumb injury that could require surgery.

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Although their trip was slightly derailed, it was nice to see such a wholesome moment.

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