Emiru mortified after OTK ‘fan’ has no idea who she is

Emiru Morified after OTK fan has no idea who she isInstagram: emiru.jpg

One True King member Emiru was left absolutely mortified after a waitress recognized her OTK merch… but had no idea who she was.

Formed in October 2020, OTK consists of some of the top streamers on Twitch like Mizkif, Asmongold, JSchlatt, nmplol, and Emiru.

Occasionally these creators are recognized out in public, especially when they’re doing IRL streams.

However, Emiru was left mortified after her waitress recognized her OTK merch… but had no idea who she was. When the group asked the waitress who her favorite OTK streamer was, their response was hilarious.

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Emiru mortified after encountering OTK ‘fan’

During her June 20 Twitch stream, Emiru was talking to chat when she recalled a recent interaction with her waitress at a restaurant.

“I was wearing my OTK merch and the waitress came over and was like ‘OMG is that OTK merch? A girl after my own heart.’ and I was like ‘Oh, thank you.’ She looked at me, and there was like no sign of recognition at all,” Emiru revealed.

“I was talking to Dave and I was like ‘Does she not know that I’m on OTK?’ What the heck was that?’ So Dave went up to talk to her and asked who she watched in OTK. [She replied to Dave] ‘Oh, OTK? I wanna say Ludwig but like I’m not sure.'”

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Emiru went on to reveal that the waitress came over to the table and said that she thought Emiru was a Ludwig viewer while the rest of the table are Mizkif viewers, leading them to believe the waitress only knew about OTK because of Ludwig’s YouTube videos with Mizkif.

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