Elon Musk urged to buy YouTube after calling out “scam ads”

Elon Musk urged to buy YouTube after tweetWikimediaCommons: JD Lasica

Tesla founder Elon Musk is being urged to buy YouTube after posting a tweet where he called out the video platform for displaying “nonstop scam ads.” 

In early April 2022, Elon Musk revealed that he made a rather large investment in Twitter to the tune of three billion dollars. Just a few weeks later, it was revealed that Elon had come to a tentative agreement to purchase the company for a whopping $44b.

Since then, fans have wanted the Tesla founder to purchase other platforms as well — including Alinity, who called for Musk to purchase Twitch and release the reasoning behind Dr Disrespect’s ban.

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Now after Elon posted a tweet calling out YouTube for “nonstop scam ads,” fans are urging the billionaire to purchase the Google-owned platform.

Fans urge Elon Musk to buy YouTube

Minutes after his tweet was posted, fans took to the replies urging him to purchase the Google-owned platform.

One user posted a screenshot that they hid behind the website’s sensitive content censor that reads “buy YouTube,” with the caption: “Here’s a solution.”

While another user had a more thought-out process behind their idea to buy YouTube that includes better management and “free speech.”

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They said: “Totally. You should buy it and install some real management that supports free speech and knows how to lead engineering teams to identify and stop scams.”

While another is urging Musk to forget the Twitter deal, and buy YouTube instead.

Either way, its still unknown whether or not Elon will go through with his purchase of Twitter — as the deal seems a bit rocky.

If the deal does fall through, perhaps Snoop Dogg will take over the platform.

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