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Ellie Zeiler banned from TikTok for community guidelines violations

Published: 4/Jul/2021 16:27

by Connor Bennett


Fans of popular TikToker Ellie Zeiler noticed that her TikTok account has gone missing, with her page now stating that she has been banned for breaking community guidelines.

Ellie Zeiler has blazed her own trail on TikTok with viral videos, dances, and clips, but some may know her best for the comparisons made between herself and Charli D’Amelio.

The TikToker has over 10 million followers on the platform and has continued to grow over the last year or so.

However, her account has gone missing from TikTok, with some fans assuming that she has been banned or hacked, rather than taking a self-imposed break.


Ellie Zeiler poses for the camera
Ellie Zeiler, Instagram
It’s no secret that TikTokker Ellie Zeiler bears an uncanny resemblance to Charli D’Amelio.

Fans of the TikToker noticed that her account had disappeared from TikTok on July 4, now displaying an error message if you try to access it.

Some fans quickly alerted others, noting that the error message says the page broke multiple community guidelines, and made the disappearance known to different drama pages as they tried to get to the bottom of things.

It didn’t take long before others suggested that fans of Cynthia Parker – who Ellie has been apparently been beefing with over the last few months – had mass reported her. Obviously, those claims are unverified.


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Seeing as she doesn’t have a Twitter account, Ellie addressed the TikTok account’s disappearance on an Instagram story, saying she was trying to get it back.


“Working on getting my TikTok account back ASAP, ” she stated. “I love you guys, be safe today.”

Instagram story screenshot from Ellie Zeiler addressing TikTok account

As of writing, Ellie’s TikTok account is still inactive, and it remains to be seen if she’ll get it back anytime soon.

If she does, we’ll update this post with any new details from herself or from TikTok themselves.