Ellie Goulding says ‘Lights’ song going viral on TikTok is “surreal”

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Musician Ellie Goulding has revealed her thoughts about her song ‘Lights’ which has recently gone viral on TikTok, mentioning that the experience is”so surreal.”

As TikTok gains popularity, more and more viral trends pop up and take over users For You pages.

Sometimes these trends manage to revive an older song, like Brooks & Dunn’s 1996 hit Neon Moon.

Ellie Goulding is one of the latest musicians to have their song brought back to life, as her song ‘Lights’ is the soundtrack behind the viral Car Wash trend.

During a recent Audacy Check In with Bru, Ellie revealed her thoughts about the recent resurgence of her song.

Ellie Goulding’s TikTok viral ‘Lights’ song

During their interview, Bru asked Ellie what she thought about her song ‘Lights’ popping off on TikTok.

She replied: “It’s so surreal, that is the last thing I expected with that song. You assume that once a song has been out there, it’s done… but TikTok has created just like this whole new way of people just discovering music. And making their own content with it… I think it’s really great! I think it can only be a really positive thing.

“I love the fact that this [is a] song that I released 10 years ago or something and now people are hearing it for the first time — that’s wild to me. It makes me so happy… when I see those videos. When I can’t sleep or when I’m anxious, I watch these videos of everyone dancing to ‘Lights’ and it’s very sweet.”

(Topic starts at 2:06 in the video)

TikTok’s viral Car Wash trend has users taking their cars to a car wash, lathering them up with soap, and dancing.

It was remixed by a TikToker named Em1r, and at the time of writing the sound has been used over 300,000 times.

Even though it’s not the original version of her song that’s gone viral, fans are mostly doing the leg work, making it a point to ensure everyone knows what the original song is.