Elephant vs rhino clash goes in viral as animals “fight for supremacy”

elephant vs rhino fightTwitter/WildfriendsUG

An epic head-to-head encounter between an elephant and a rhino is going viral after the two animals engaged in a “fight for supremacy.”

If you’ve ever wondered who would win in a fight between an elephant and a rhino, you now have an answer and video proof to go with it.

It’s not every day that you get to see two large animals like this start fighting, but that’s exactly what happened in a viral scrap that even rivals some of the best human brawls we’ve covered.

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Uploaded by Wildfriends Africa, the video begins with a rhino staring down an elephant much larger than it and refusing to back down, instead charging straight forward into the belly of the beast.

Rhino versus elephant fight goes viral

After the rhino charged forward, the elephant held its ground and marched forward, intimating the smaller animal.

Refusing to surrender, however, the rhino engaged, smashing into the elephant only to be tackled and nearly crushed under its large foot, trunk, and tusks.

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At this point, the rhino had no choice but to run off, leaving the elephant to trumpet triumphantly.

“These kinds of fights erupt when one of the giants is disturbed, provoked or is competing for food & water. In this case, it was a rhino who arrogantly tried to scare off an elephant,” Wildfriends explained.

Since being uploaded, the video was viewed thousands of times and was reuploaded onto other accounts with users calling the battle a “fight for supremacy.”

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This was definitely one heck of an altercation and some big proof that sometimes size does matter.

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