Elderly couple celebrate $10,000 casino win live on Twitch

Twitch logo over gambling casino imageTwitch/ Unsplash

On October 16, a Twitch streamer watched an elderly couple win $10,000 while playing slot machines in the casino, a win which took the couple a moment to fully process.

After backlash from the community, Twitch drastically altered its position on allowing gambling on its platform just weeks ago. Many casinos alongside websites will ban streams starting October 18, marking a momentous point in Twitch’s history with gambling. Despite the crackdown, there are still a plethora of gambling content creators pushing on before the change.

One such streamer, ‘LasVegasVP,’ shared his IRL slot machine rounds during a recent broadcast. During this slot machine stream, he witnessed an elderly couple win an impressive $10,000.

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The big $10,000 slot machine win on Twitch

The winners were initially in a state of disbelief, confused about the winning and completely oblivious to their $10,000 prize.

“Wait, someone hit 10,000?” the streamer said while scanning the area. He noticed the couple, and looked toward the machine.

“Oh, he hit ten grand!” he exclaimed, realizing the couple won huge even before they realized themselves. Even after hearing this, the elderly couple didn’t react at all – still affected by their shock.

LasVegasVP explained the multiplying system which dictates the winnings to the couple. “You played $5 for credit, you hit the top for a thousand, then times two. So it’s ten grand.”

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Ecstatic screaming could then be heard from the couple, celebrating the win.

“You guys didn’t know it was ten thousand?” he asked them.

“No,” they replied. After properly listening to the explanation another time, their disbelief vanished. They recognized the value of the massive win, and stared into each others’ eyes. The couple shared a heart warming hug, and the streamer walked away, giving the winners privacy.